Hosting NDSU Bus Tour

ndsu-hanging-sign.jpg ndsu-dc-coston.jpgndsu-pam-gulleson.jpgIndsu-president-chapman.jpg   ndsu-caterers.jpg    It was green and gold everywhere when people stepped into the Rutland City Hall about 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday.  A team was preparing for the NDSU Bus Tour which was going to arrive a little before noon.  Carolyn Christensen had been asked to be one of the hosts and Stan and Betty Melroe, and Steve and Sheila Wyum, put finishing touches on the decorations. 

Four of NDSU’s coaches arrived (Tod Brown, head baseball; Don Larson, head men’s track; Darren Mueller, head softball and Saul Phillips (head men’s basketball) and the hosts had the opportunity to visit with them before the big bus arrived.  The bus arrived on time and the hosts were kept busy meetin’ and greetin’.  The decibal level in the room increased dramatically as people visited with each other. 

Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal that was provided by the Rutland General Store and the Rutland Cafe.  Even though I was hungry and the food tasted good, I was a little nervous about my presentation and wasn’t able to finish my food.

DC Coston emceed the short program.  Pam Gulleson, our local legislator in the House of Representatives, introduced President Joe Chapman.  He had all the NDSU staff introduce themselves and he talked about NDSU’s progress and future goals.  Saul Phillips spoke about being in Division I and how excited he is to be a part of a progressive university such as NDSU.  Then DC introduced Deborah Banish and Carolyn Christensen who made a brief presentation on Rutland’s involvement with the Horizons Program.  Deb developed the power point that was used and it was super.  If we were good, it was thanks to her skill with the computer.

After a short stop to check out the Rutland General Store and some picture taking, the bus  left on time for a tour of Dakota Micro near Geneseo and then on to the Bagg Farm for pie.

A lot was packed into the time frame of 11:40 to 1:40, but I am confident that everyone who was here with the NDSU entourage felt welcome and left with a positive image of Rutland.

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