The Rooster Crows – April 14, 2023

By Bill Anderson

Spring has finally sprung! All of nature broke into a full throated version of creation’s Hallelujah Chorus on Easter weekend as the last vibrations, tremors and aftershocks of what is hoped to have been the last winter storm of the season died away, the Sun broke free of its winter imprisonment the temperature climbed into the 40’s and southerly breezes brought warm temperatures to the region. The 9 to 12 inches of new snow that had arrived on April 4 & 5, in addition to the several feet of old snow that had been petrified in place since the storms of November and December, began to melt, producing rivers of slush wherever drifting snow met warm pavement. Every kind of wild goose known to North America flew over Rutland, singing their joyous chorus of spring, and they were joined by chattering ducks of every description, the crowing of rooster pheasants, the plaintive cry of the mourning dove, the cheerful songs of robins, red-wing blackbirds & meadowlarks, and other songsters too numerous to mention. The receding mountains of snow revealed new sources of sustenance to the herds of whitetail deer that had been scrounging a meager existence from tree belts and cattail slough for the past several months. Easter, the affirmation of resurrected life, brought the restoration of the possibility of life to all of nature’s creatures, including the human kind. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Winter is dead! Long live spring!

The Rutland City Council met as the city’s Board of Tax Equalization at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 3, at the Rutland Town Hall, with Mayor Mike Mahrer; Auditor Debbie Banish; and, City Council Members Rodney Erickson; Bill Anderson; Delores Lysne; and, Lori McLaen; present. Also present was Sargent County Director of Tax Equalization, LaJuana Hayen. The Board approved two Homestead and three Veterans exemptions as provided for in State Law, and as presented by the County Director. The County Director noted that the State had increased the valuation of residential property, making an increase in the tax levied on property more likely. The Board approved the Assessment Books as presented. No members of the public had appeared before the Board to comment on, or object to, property valuations or taxes levied on property within the City. The Board of Equalization adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

The monthly City Council meeting was then convened at 5:15 p.m. by Mayor Mahrer. City Auditor Banish, Council President Erickson and Council Members Anderson, Lysne & McLaen were present. Council President Erickson reported that he recently met with Rutland native Tanner Hambeck concerning the replacement of the main entrance and kitchen entrance doors on the Rutland Town Hall, and that he is currently waiting for a cost estimate for the replacement of the two South doors.

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Mayor Honored

Narum AwardRutland should be proud to learn that our Mayor was honored at the North Dakota League of Cities Annual Conference as the “Outstanding City Official for 2008.”  Ron Narum has served as our Mayor for 36 years.  During his tenure, the city streets have been resurfaced, additions were made to City Hall, and the sewer system was renovated and the lagoons were rebuilt.   Ron was one of the founders of the Rutland Museum and serves as the caretaker of the museum, pioneer house and country school exhibits for 20 years.

Ron has been chief of the volunteer fire department and served on the board of the fire protection district. He is chairman of the county jobs development authority, a member of the county weed control board and president of the county historical society.  He has served on the boards of the Rutland Community Club, the Rutland Community Development Corporation, Rutland Community Housing, the Lake Agassiz Water Authority and the North Dakota League of Cities. Prior to becoming mayor, Ron served as a city council member.   

After receiving this award, Ron Narum said, “Well, this is a surprise. But, it isn’t just all my work…it isn’t just me…the community makes everything happen. And the community really appreciates when you can do even small things for them.”

Congratulations to Ron!