Quilters Day

Yesterday, I dropped by the Rutland General Store to visit with the area quilters who were there for their weekly Friday gathering. Nearly every week one of the quilters has a quilt front or an entire quilt completed. Today’s completed quilt was done by Doris and everyone got an opportunity to see her handiwork. The group of women come from Lisbon, Milnor, Rutland and other area towns and most have been coming when possible on Fridays for several years.

Today, the Store is hosting another group of visiting quilting enthusiasts and more are planned.  Stop by next time you are near the town and shop for quilting supplies or have coffee with the group of Wise Men who also regularly assemble most afternoons.

The Rooster Crows – November 21, 2008

By Bill Anderson

November, 2008, is living up to the 11th month’s reputation as the gloomiest month of the year. The first 3 weeks have seen only sporadic sunshine, long stretches of gray, overcast skies, fog, mist and snow. The excessive rain of October has ceased, but there has not been much drying going on since then, either. The whitetail deer season opened on November 7th, with rain and snow flurries in southeastern North Dakota, but a real knock-down drag-out blizzard hammered the rest of the State, stranding many would be deer hunters at home with nothing to do but tell each other stories about epic hunting experiences of years gone by. Standing corn still affords a lot of cover for deer in this area, and, although there have been steady reports of deer being harvested, there was no rush of success during the opening weekend as in many previous seasons. As the corn harvest progresses, both whitetail deer and ringneck pheasant hunters are finding it a little easier to spot and stalk their quarry. That still doesn’t solve the problem of being able to hit what they shoot at, but that’s another story. Just ask Kaia Thorfinnson, who took 6 shots at a standing doe, only to see the animal calmly flick its tail and stroll away when the shooting subsided. Kaia redeemed her reputation as a sharpshooter on Sunday, Nov. 16, though, when she dropped a nice whitetail with 1 shot, through the heart, at about 100 yards using a Remington model 700 BDL 6mm rifle equipped with a Nikon 3X9 variable scope. Now Kaia has 2 stories to tell about the 2008 hunting season: one about the one that got away; and, one about the one that didn’t.

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Sewing Class

runaround_bag.jpgA “Run Around Bag” (sewing) class will be held Wednesday, September 24, starting at 10:00 a.m.  Arlene Stilley will teach the session held at the Rutland General Store.  Cost is $10.00 plus supplies.  A minimum of five students will be needed otherwise the class will be cancelled (class size will be limited).

Quilting classes may be held again this year.  A quilt class information sign-up sheet is at the material cutting counter in the Rutland General Store.  Sign up if you are interested!

The Rooster Crows: April 25, 2008

By Bill Anderson

Severe Weather Awareness Week, April 21-28, started out with a bang, complete with a thunderstorm, wind and hail as Mother Nature’s study aids. The hail was heavy enough to cover the surface of ND Highway #11 out by the Dennis & Lori McLaen farm, 2 miles north of Town, but no reports of damage to vehicles or buildings have been received.

Marcia Moen, Margo Ganske, Kate Tagg, Laura Feltes, Victoria Parker-Christensen, Marianne Parker, Susan Guilbert and Sue Anderson gathered at the home of Kathy Brakke for a cousins quilting weekend that had scissors clicking and sewing machines clattering from the afternoon of Friday, April 18, to Sunday afternoon. All but the two Susans are related to Ransom Township pioneers K. P. & Ingrid Ahrlin. Sue Anderson is Kathy Brakke’s sister-in-law and Sue Guilbert is Mary Ann Parker’s sister. In addition to getting in a weekend’s worth of quilt making and reminiscing, the group enjoyed a visit to the Rutland General Store and a Saturday luncheon at the home of Mary Ann Thornberg in Weber Township.

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Quilting with Style

Rutland QuiltersSewing machines were humming along yesterday at the Rutland General Store (RGS) during a quilting class.  Seven area women worked on lap quilts under the guidance of Ginny Zietlow from Lidgerwood.  Stunning pieces in vibrant violets, greens, blues and yellows and mauves and reds were carefully placed and sewn by the participants.  The photo at left shows Ann Erickson and Joanne Harris, both from Rutland, working on quilts with the guidance of Ms. Zietlow.  The quilts were not completed during the class but we look forward to seeing them on display soon.  Classes are held periodically at the RGS and another is being planned.