Hens Do Crow! May 24, 2019

By Deborah Banish

The thunderstorm that rattled, roared and raged across Rutland and vicinity at about 10:30 on the evening of Wednesday, May 15, dropped .28 of an inch of rain here, according to Paul Anderson’s electronic rain gauge at 309 Gay Street, and .3 of an inch, according to Norbert Kulzer’s gauge at 415 Gay Street. Jesse Brakke reports that his electronic gauge recorded .15 of an inch, but he’s not too sure how accurate that reading was because he hadn’t emptied the spiders and spider webs out of it yet.  Harvey Bergstrom stated that the gauge at his farmstead three miles south of Cayuga only registered .08 of an inch on Thursday morning, and Cam Gulleson reported that .2 of an inch was measured at the Gulleson farmstead 1½ mile east of Rutland. The rain brought planting activities to a halt for a while, but sunshine and wind on Thursday soon had the wheels turning, again.

Saturday morning rain gauge readings after the thunderstorm of Friday, May 17 & Saturday, May 18: Norbert Kulzer at 415 Gay Street, 1.7 inch; Roger Pearson at 309 Gay Street, 1.75 inch; Harvey Bergstrom 3 miles south of Cayuga, 1.45 inch; and, Jim Lunneborg four miles north of Rutland, 1.9 inch.  Norbert figures that his gauge might have had a larger reading on Saturday morning if the rain had arrived vertically, rather than horizontally. Kurt Breker reports that all of the sloughs and potholes that were farmed through last year are now full of water and running together.  “We were wet before this rain,” Kurt stated, “and now we’re too wet.” Spring planting activities are now halted due to wet field conditions, and, with the forecast calling for rain nearly every day, it is doubtful that any wheels will turn prior to Memorial Day. Some of the Assembled Wise Men were reminiscing about “the good old days” when they could plant millet at the beginning of July and still get a cash crop, plus enjoy some good waterfowl hunting shooting ducks and geese off the millet swaths in October. Those were the days!

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Hens Do Crow! – May 3, 2019

By Deborah Banish (and Bill Anderson)

Orvis & Alphie Pearson returned home after a winter in Arizona on Saturday, April 27. Orvis & Alphie have decided that they will spend next Winter with their friends and family in North Dakota. They are now in residence at Four Seasons Villa, the assisted living center in Forman, where they intend to make their home for the foreseeable future. Their grandson, Chris Pearson, is now residing on the Pearson family farm southeast of Rutland. Orvis & Alphie’s many friends here extend a hearty “Welcome Home!” to them.

Joanne Harris, Diana Anderson, Janet Kiefer, Bev Kulzer, and Janice Christensen attended the Sargent Central State Bound Music Concert on Monday, April 29, in Forman. They were among the many family and friends of the 35 extremely talented students who will compete in the State Music Region B Contest on Saturday, May 4th, in Bismarck. The music and songs were beautifully performed by the talented youth. Everyone wishes them congratulations at starring at the Regional contest and wishes them luck as they compete at the State Level.

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Hens Do Crow! – February 15, 2019

By Deborah Banish

Despite snow, cold and wind, 92 brave souls made it to the Rutland Town Hall on the morning of Sunday, February 3, to fortify themselves for that afternoon’s Super Bowl game with a hearty breakfast of Biscuits & Gravy served with scrambled eggs, coffee and orange juice. The breakfast was prepared and served by members of Bergman-Evenson Post #215 of the American Legion. Some of the Sargent Central High School music students who are planning to participate in the Northern Ambassadors of Music tour of Europe this coming Summer also volunteered to assist with the effort. The Legion Post has contributed to the fund established to assist those students who will be participating in the European tour.  Proceeds of the breakfast were also used to help defray extra expenses incurred by a fellow Legionnaire who had recently undergone serious back surgery. Rutland’s Unit #215 of the American Legion Auxiliary also held a sale of home baked goods during the breakfast, allowing football fans to load up on extra cookies, bars, muffins and other good stuff prior to the big game. The New England Patriots, who had biscuits and gravy for breakfast, defeated the Los Angeles Rams, who did not.  The score was: Patriots 13 – Rams 3. That’s the difference between starting the day with a hearty breakfast and trying to play in the big game with the fuel tank on EMPTY!

A large group of family and friends gathered at the Rutland Hall on Saturday, February 9th for a “Rocking the 60s” party. Wayne Maloney turned 65 in December and Pam (Jacobson) Maloney turned 60 in January and what better reason to hold a party in the cold of winter. Pam’s family provided a “Maloney/Jacobson” rendition of the 12 days of Christmas highlighting events in Pam and Wayne’s lives. Attendees helped stock the food pantry instead of bearing gifts for the birthday couple. The party featured a photo booth, food, dancing and singing – the karaoke was a big hit but that was to be expected from the available pool of talent in the Jacobson/ Christensen/Maloney households.

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The Rooster Crows – February 1, 2019

by Bill Anderson

Mother Nature’s vocabulary of four letter words seems to be limited to3 this past week: cold; snow; and, wind. The coldest weather of the week, the month, the year and the Winter arrived on Tuesday & Wednesday, January 29 & 30, with the daily lows bumping off the -35 mark and the daily highs hovering around -10. According to the weather experts, this week’s weather is the coldest since this time of the year back in 2004, so, if you thought that you were experiencing déjà vu, you were right. The weather system that moved through ahead of the cold brought about 1½” of new snow on Saturday night, and another 4 or 5 inches on Sunday. The snow was hard to measure, because the wind brought it in sideways, piling it up at intersections, around buildings and in the trees. Tuesday’s winds of 20 to 30 mph, combined with the sub-zero air temperatures, produced a “wind-chill” index of 55 to 60 below, according to the weather gurus. Ground Hog’s Day is coming up on Saturday, though, and the TV Weathermen are predicting a high in the upper +20’s to low +30’s, just so Rutland Roscoe, the local ground hog, can wander out to see his shadow. Well, Saturday, February 2, is also the date for the 24th Annual Rudy Anderson Memorial Pinochle Tournament in Rutland, so it just might be the aroma of scalloped potatoes with ham that lures him out. Another cool down for the first week in February is predicted, but, with a little bit of luck, the worst cold may be behind us. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “This is not the end of the winter. It is not even the beginning of the end of the winter; but it may be the end of the beginning of the winter.” That Winston sure had a way with words, didn’t he?

FYI. Paul Anderson’s electronic digital thermometer recorded a low of 36 degrees below zero on the morning of Wednesday, January 30, in his backyard at 309 Gay Street in Rutland, and Jesse Brakke’s electronic digital thermometer recorded a low of 37 below in his Ransom Township farmyard between Rutland and Cayuga that same morning. Mike Anderson stated that he was sure glad that he lives a mile north of Jesse, because his thermometer only got down to 31 below before it froze up.

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The Rooster Crows – October 26, 2018

By Bill Anderson

Soybean harvest has been going strong since Wednesday, October 17. The temperature climbed way up to 73 on Thursday, October 18, 60 on Friday, October 19, but only 37 on Saturday, the 20th, before climbing back up into the high 40’s and mid-50’s through Wednesday, the 24th. Mark Wyum reports that yields are fluctuating from 40 bu. Per acre to 60 bu. Per acre, with the average being somewhere in the mid to upper 40’s range. Mark states that he made the mistake of harvesting his best fields first, so he has been disappointed with the declining per acre average yield of the bean harvest since then. Cameron Gulleson reports results similar to those reported from the Wyum Farm, with the average running about 47 bushels per acre. The yields would be considered to be good, if commodity prices were at their pre-tariff, pre-trade war levels. Depressed prices and rising interest rates – we have been down this route before. A philosopher once made the statement, “Those who will not learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.” Is that a school bell, or an alarm bell, we hear ringing? Either way, there could be a lesson coming at us.

Rutland natives David & Pat Kulzer, accompanied by their dog, Buster, departed Rutland, bound for their home on the west slope of the Rocky Mountains, in the Swan River Valley of northwestern Montana, on Friday, October 12. They arrived at their mountain home on Sunday, October 14, and the following report was received from Pat: “…Weary Dave & I arrived home about 3 pm yesterday. We decided to take the shortest route home, via Highway 200, but the cold northwest wind on Saturday made it a long day’s drive from Dickinson to Lewistown. Today begins a weather warmup and for the next week we’re supposed to enjoy temps in the high 60s. Having so recently experienced rain, wind, cold, snow, more wind & blizzard, we will definitely enjoy this Indian Summer! The tamaracks and aspens are bright gold now, so the scenery is beautiful, too…” Thanks to Pat for the report, and the Rutland community thanks the Kulzers for helping out during Uff-Da Day activities on Sunday, October 7.Jesse & Marcia Brakke of this community headed for Stillwater MN on the afternoon of Thursday, October 11 to help with wedding preparations for Jesse’s son, James Brakke of Stillwater, and James’ fiancé, Miss Sydney Koch, a native of Fargo ND. The couple were married on the afternoon of Saturday, October 13, in a ceremony at a Unitarian Church near Stillwater. The groom is the son of Jesse Brakke of Rutland and the late Michelle (Garot) Brakke. The bride is the daughter of Randy & Jean Koch of Fargo. Among those who traveled from a distance to celebrate with the bride & groom were James’ maternal grandparents, James & Diana Garot of Oceanside CA, James’ uncle, Bob Garot of New York City NY, and John Welch, a lifelong friend, from Charleston SC. James, a 2010 graduate of SCHS and a 2016 graduate of the NDSU School of Pharmacy, is employed as a pharmacist at the Walmart Pharmacy in New Richmond WI. The couple will be making their home in Stillwater MN. Their many friends in Rutland extend their congratulations to James & Sydney on the occasion of their wedding, and best wishes to them for a long and happy life together.

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Veterans Memorial Dedication

Veterans Memorial Invitation front & backThe Bergman-Evenson Post #215 of the Rutland American Legion and the Rutland American Legion Auxiliary will host the dedication of the Veterans Memorial on  Flag Day, Sunday, June 14, 2015, starting at 2:00 p.m.  Several speakers and music will be at the event.  Come and help commemorate our service men and women from the Rutland area.

Click on the invitation for further information.  Pictures of the Rutland Veterans Memorial can be seen at lower right of the page.  Click on the photos to view them.