Hens Do Crow! May 15, 2020

Several members of the Rutland Community Club met on Monday, May 11, for an update on events and projects. The Missoula Theater Group still plans to be in Rutland June 22-26 for a community play unless cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Sargent County Fair has not been cancelled as of this writing and the Sargent County Queen pageant will be held even if it is cancelled. The ‘passing of the crown’ event for the new Miss Rutland has been done in the past at the Rutland Block Party. However, the Block Party may not be held so the new Miss Rutland, Cora McKinney, may be crowned at a smaller event. The Rutland Community Club has purchased flowers to be placed in the flowerpots that popped up around town and those will be planted on Friday afternoon to beautify the community. Planter boxes will be placed in Rutland this week with two planters by City Hall and two by the Rutland Senior Center. The Sargent County Garden Committee has been working with the NDSU Sargent County
Extension office, Sargent County Ambassadors, and the Master Gardener program. The group obtained donated wood to make the boxes and seeds for planting. Several boxes have already been delivered and planted in Forman and four will be placed in Rutland. The planter boxes by the Senior Center will provide vegetables for use at the Senior Center for meals. Two Sargent County Ambassadors, Tony Banish and Emily Hamilton, will help maintain the Senior planters. The planters by City Hall will be community gardens to be watered, weeded, and harvested by volunteers from the community. Katie McLaen will get a schedule for volunteers to help water and weed the boxes. The Community Club will provide additional funding for plants and tools needed for the project.

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Hens Do Crow! Dec. 20, 2019

Rutland’s Santa Day celebration was held on Saturday, December 14th at the Rutland Hall. The Rutland Community Club hosted the event with crafts for the kids, bingo for all ages and a free-will taco bar. Santa Claus made his appearance to the delight of young and old and nearly all the children has a chance to visit with Santa to remind him of their Christmas wish and to get a box of treats from the jolly old soul. Rutland area businesses sponsored the Christmas hams that were given out.  Forty hams were awarded to Celia Olson, Delores Breker, Brayden Siemieniewski, Bryce Carlson, Avery Woytassek, Jerry Woytassek, Carter Breker, Debra Liermark, Bill Anderson, Landrie Jensen, Diane Anderson, Ruth McLaen, Brady Anderson, Ann Erickson, Dennis McLaen, Shaw Jackson, Ted Lee, Megan Poitra, Reece Halmrast, Tanya Hamilton, Gavin Gallons, Mark Breker, Roger Pearson, Willprecht Family, Briella Wyum, Joanne Harris, Janice Christensen, Cory Pavek, Penny Lock, Kaylee Stiegelmeier, Jameson Corry, Gavin Christianson, Larry Christensen, Lincoln Mahrer, Kylee Mahrer, Brian Pherson, Norbert Kulzer, Launa Peterson, Diane Smith, Karla Breker (apologies to those whose names are spelled incorrectly or wrong; the news correspondent of the day provided the names and spellings – that correspondent shall remain anonymous!). The free-will meal at Santa Day, and at other RCC events, helps the Club sponsor events like the Kids in the Kitchen, Winter Fun Night Carnival, the Pinochle Tournament, Community Play, Easter Egg Hunt, Memorial Day Meal, the Summer Block Party, Art in the Park, Uffda Day, Freezer Meal Frenzy, Santa Day, Zumba, as well as improvements to City Hall – most recently the new kitchen flooring and tables.

Santa Claus and the Rutland kids
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Hens Do Crow! Aug. 30, 2019

By Deborah Banish

The Rutland Senior Center was the place to be on Thursday, August 22, when a large gathering of Senior Citizens enjoyed the music of the Tanner Family of Fairmont, West Virginia. The Tanner Family members sang a medley of religious songs with a bluegrass flair backed up by guitar, violin and mandolin. The group is making its way across the country stopping and sharing their talents at different Senior and community centers as they travel. It was fun entertainment in the old town!

On Tuesday, August 27th, the City of Rutland Tree Committee – Delores Lysne, Chair, with Jeff Olson, Park Board President, and City Auditor Deborah Banish – cruised though the town with Mary O’Neill, Community Forestry Specialist from the ND Forest Service Lisbon Field Office. The four of them toured the town to identify City trees that need to be removed due to disease or condition requiring removal. The City has been awarded a matching grant up to $3,000 to remove 10 or more diseased and dying trees this year. Fifteen trees including ash, cottonwood, and Siberian elm trees were marked for removal. As required by the grant, the City will obtain three written bids for this project before selecting a tree-removal service to eliminate then. This is the second year the City has removed trees and the first year a grant has been obtained to help with the project. Once the trees are removed, the Committee and Ms. O’Neill will identify locations and species of trees to be planted next year. The City will be eligible to apply for another grant to help fund planting to ‘green up’ Rutland in 2020.

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The Rooster Crows – December 28, 2018

By Bill Anderson

Tis the season to be jolly, and local businesses have been encouraging that attitude by showing their appreciation to their patrons during the past few weeks. On Friday, December 14, the Sargent County Bank served coffee, cider and cookies to clients at its facilities in Forman, Gwinner, Milnor, Lisbon and Rutland. Shawn Klein, Manager of the Bank’s Rutland Station, furnished the following report on the event here, “Throughout the morning I had around 50 Bank patrons come through, some just picked up a cookie and cider and then left, but others stayed and visited. At one time I had a lobby full of the local men sitting around visiting and telling stories, and then, later on, I had a lobby full of the local ladies visiting and enjoying the treats from Rosie’s Bakery that we shared. It was such a nice day and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Door prize winners were: Mike Pyle, Janet Kiefer, Glenda Haring, Mac Pherson, Phyllis Erickson, Norbert Kulzer, Kathy Wyum, Hal Nelson, and Bill Anderson. I want to thank everyone who made my lobby very fun that day and let you know how much I appreciate your business and the friendship and kindness everyone shows me here.” Thanks to Shawn for the report, and for the friendly, efficient service she provides throughout the year. The Rutland community also extends its thanks to the Sargent County Bank’s management for staffing its facility here with outstanding employees since it opened its doors here back on November 1, 1976.

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The Rooster Crows – December 14, 2018

By Bill Anderson

Santa Claus is coming to town! Jolly old St. Nick is scheduled to arrive in Rutland shortly after 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 15, making his 73rd pre-Christmas visit to the community since flight restrictions were eased after the end of World War II. He might have some tough sledding, though, as a warm-up has been scheduled for the weekend, and the daytime high in Rutland on Friday & Saturday is predicted to be in the upper 30’s. Well, Santa is a clever fellow, and he’ll figure out how to cope with any adversity. The Rutland Community Club will host Santa in the Rutland Town Hall with a reception featuring a soup & sandwich supper, BINGO, crafts and games for the kids, and a chance for the jolly old elf to visit with local children and have his picture taken with them. Christmas hams donated for the event by local Rutland businesses will also be awarded to the lucky winners. Everyone in the community is invited to participate in Santa Claus Day activities in Rutland on Saturday, December 15.

A large and enthusiastic crowd of family and friends gathered in the dining room of The Lariat Bar in Rutland on the evening of Friday, November 30, to celebrate the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Jim & Ione Lunneborg of this community. Those in attendance enjoyed a delicious supper of pulled pork, baked potatoes and salads catered by the staff at the bar, as well as reminiscing with good friends about good times throughout the evening. The following report was furnished by Ione: “We were married November 30, 1968, at the Lutheran Church in Cogswell. We lived and worked in Fargo until Jim was drafted, and we then spent a year in Germany where he was stationed at a U. S. Army Base. We returned to the states and moved to the Rutland area in the Fall and started farming in 1971. We moved to our current home place in Shuman Township in October of 1976. Our kids, Eric and Sherry Lunneborg and Marne and Aaron Franklin hosted our celebration at the Lariat. Friends and family joined us to share memories and wish us well. The kids along with our grandson, Noah Ward, were guests at our home for a few days over the weekend. We enjoyed every minute of it!” Thanks to Ione for the report, and congratulations to Jim & Ione for 50 years on the path of life together.

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The Rooster Crows – February 29, 2008

By Bill Anderson

Well, we’re not at the end of Winter, yet, but we might be at the beginning of the end. Last Wednesday’s 25 to 30 below was succeeded by a weekend that saw the mercury hit 40 above on Saturday and 41 on Sunday. This week more moderate temperatures, in the upper 20’s have prevailed, with the forecast being milder temperatures coming up in the first weekend of March. And, if the weather isn’t enough to make you feel good, wheat was selling for more than $21.00 per bushel in local elevators on Tuesday, February 26, $21.28 in Forman and $21.33 at Lidgerwood. The price at Minneapolis was $24.25 on Monday. What would Percy Pherson, Oscar Hoflen and Art Brown think about that? Soybeans and corn are also paying up, at more than $13.00 and $5.00 per bushel, respectively. A flock of new pickups has been appearing on local streets, with the 4 wheel drive, ¾ ton, 4 door, diesel powered behemoth being the weapon of choice for use on local roads. The high price of gasoline and diesel fuel arouses comment, but doesn’t seem to have slowed many down, at least not yet. Meanwhile, the new farm bill is stalled in Washington, with the Congress and the President disagreeing over how, or whether, it should be paid for. The Congress wants to use a phony credit card, while the President favors rubber checks. At least the weather doesn’t require government regulation or taxpayer support, not yet, anyway.

Members of the Rutland City Council, Renaissance Zone Board, Zoning Board, Community Club, Horizons Program Committee and Community Development Corporation Met at the Rutland General Store at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 20, to review proposed changes to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance with Mr. Irv Rustad of the Lake Agassiz Regional Council. The group is scheduled to meet again, this time at the Nordland Fellowship Hall, at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, March 3, to approve the final draft of the revised Comprehensive Plan. The various groups will then develop their own programs to implement the plan. The plan aims to guide future commercial and residential development in the community.

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