The Rooster Crows – December 28, 2007

The Rutland community received the ultimate Christmas decoration, a snow white blanket, in two layers, a little more than an inch of new snow on the evening of Saturday, December 22, and a light powdering on Christmas Eve, making this a “white Christmas” to match the song. Seeing the temperature rise to the 32 degree mark on Christmas Day didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, either.

Chuck Sundlie drove up to Rutland on Saturday, but deteriorating weather conditions in the Twin Cities area delayed the arrival of Kim and Aden until Christmas Day. Chuck did some pheasant hunting on Saturday and Sunday, and reports that the birds are quite wild, although one rooster held so tight in the cattails that one of his dogs, unable to flush the bird, finally just picked it up and presented his master with an early Christmas gift, a live ring-neck rooster bagged without firing a shot. Chuck, Kim & Aden expect to remain in Rutland until New Year’s Eve.

Cameron Gulleson, Andrew Hanson, Matt Bosse, Luke Anderson and John Stenvold returned from their Lake of the Woods fishing expedition on Tuesday, December 17. Cameron reports that they caught about 40 walleyes and saugers while fishing through the ice, but the fish did not have much size. He also states that the ice was about 12 inches thick where they were fishing, but there are still large areas of open water on the lake. The boys headquartered out of the Sportsman’s Inn near Baudette MN, and report that their accommodations were excellent.

Anglers on local lakes report that the fishing action has been spotty and sporadic, at best. A group from Rutland took their limit of nice sized perch, along with several crappies and walleyes, from Consolidated Lake one day last week, but the action cooled down as fast as it had heated up, and they fished for 2 more days without much luck. Some success has also been reported from Walstead’s Slough, Bergh’s Slough and the Crappie Crossing slough west of Rutland, but the fishing action on these bodies of water has also been running hot and cold, much like the weather. Fishermen report that the ice varies in thickness from 12 inches to only 1 or 2 inches and it is advisable to carefully check the ice before going out on it. Quentin Hoistad has suspended his muskrat trapping activities due to weak ice and open water on many sloughs. Quentin made the decision to take a break after he went through the ice into knee deep ice water while trapping near the Brash farm last week.

Bill and Ann Lubke arrived back in Rutland on Friday, December 21, to spend the Christmas holiday with family here. The Lubkes have been residing at Palisade Nebraska, in the southwestern corner of the “Cornhusker State” for most of the Fall. Bill reports that they have had about 12 inches of snow in southwestern Nebraska, so far, and temperatures have been a little cooler there than they have been here. Palisades is a town of about 400 which is located about 28 miles from McCook NE, a town of about 8,000, Bill states. The Lubkes are planning to return to Nebraska after the New Year.

Val Pherson is home for the holidays after completing the first semester of her second year of college at Madison SD. Val drove home on Friday, December 21, and reported heavy rain on the Interstate #29 corridor throughout most of South Dakota.

Dale & Bonnie Temple are spending the Christmas holiday out in Missoula, Montana, at the home of their daughter, son-in-law and new grandson. Bonnie states that she and Dale intend to thoroughly spoil their grandson during their visit.

Harvey & Judy Preble drove up from the Twin Cities on Saturday, December 22, to spend the Christmas holiday with Harvey’s mother, Hazel. Hazel’s youngest daughter, Carol, and son-in-law, Sid Harrison, drove down from Fargo to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at home, too.

Rob Bauman and John Bauman of Portland OR arrived in Rutland on Saturday, December 22 to spend Christmas with family here. They report that driving conditions were good throughout most of their trip, with adverse weather conditions slowing them down from Bismarck to Rutland. The worst conditions, drifting snow and ice covered roads, were found in the Jamestown area, they report. There was no snow in the mountains of western Montana, a bad omen for the already water short Missouri River. The Baumans are residing at the home of Rob’s sister, Kathy Brakke, during their visit here.

Christmas Eve guests at the Bill Anderson & Kathy Brakke home were Irene Anderson of Forman, Paul & Sue Anderson of West Fargo & Rutland, Katy Anderson & Josh Alfring of Minneapolis, Betsy Anderson of Harrisonburg VA, Chuck Sundlie of Elk River MN and Joanne Harris of Rutland. Katy & Josh have recently announced their engagement, and a September 6 wedding in Minneapolis is being planned. Christmas Day guests included: Jesse, James & Claire Brakke of Havana; Janelle Brakke of Fargo; Bill Gaukler of Lidgerwood; John & Rob Bauman of Portland OR; Sadee & Marcie Bauman of Lidgerwood; Kaia Thorfinnson & Kyle Mahrer of Rutland; and Chuck Sundlie, Kim Kohler & Aden of Elk River MN.

Quentin Hoistad made a quick trip to the Oakes Hospital via the Sargent County Ambulance Service at about Noon on Monday, December 24, after a fainting spell at his farm home west of town. Quentin was released from the hospital on Christmas morning, and reports that he is feeling fine. Quentin & Doris Hoistad of Rutland; Harris & Carol Hoistad and family of Huron SD; and, Wayne & Paula Hoistad and family of Buffalo MN; celebrated Christmas Day at the farm home of Quentin & Doris’s daughter & son-in-law, Cheryl & Mike Zirnhelt, near Forman.

Norbert and Beverly Kulzer spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Stan & Karen Kulzer and family and Stephan & Ann Kulzer and family at Sioux Falls SD.

This coming Sunday is the last Sunday in the month, and that means Brunch at the Rutland General Store on Sunday, December 30. The buffet brunch will feature both breakfast and lunch entrees for the public’s dining enjoyment.

New Year’s Eve will feature “American Idol” Rutland style at the Town Hall on Monday, December 31, according to Jeanne Leinen, one of the organizers of the event. American Idol style competition will commence at 8:00 p.m., followed by music and dancing for New Year’s Eve, until it’s in with the new and out with the old, and December 31 becomes January 1 in a brand new year with a bright, clean slate. Come on out to have some fun with American Idol and New Year’s dancing.

Stop by Rutland’s internet web site at to keep up on what’s going on in the old home town during 2008.

The following are excerpts from the L. S. Sanderson column of 12-25-1952: Life’s just a bed of roses, with but a few small bumps; then you wake up some morning to find the bumps are mumps. The sign over the beer parlor says, “Do your Christmas shopping here.”…A light snow fell on Sunday evening insuring a white Christmas. The weather is as nearly perfect as possible and everywhere Christmas is in evidence. All places of business have been dressed up to fit the occasion, but first honors go to Bohn’s Liquor Store and Bernie’s Café and we extend congratulations to these gentlemen in their successful efforts to please the public…Mrs. Mike Harles was released from the Britton Hospital on Monday and is now at home, but still under the doctors care…At home enjoying a Christmas furlough are Doc Colby and Richard Nelson. On their return to camp they expect to be sent to Korea…Jelmer Strand is spending Christmas at the home of his brothers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin…Roy Bladow is minus part of one finger on his right hand, which got mixed up in the meat grinder while he was engaged in making hamburger. Ella Lou Baumer is assisting at the store while Roy is forced to take things easy…The kitchen dinette given away at the local theatre last week, as a door prize, was won by Julius Sjothun. The 10th name drawn and designated as the winning name would have gone to Ray Lankey had he been present, but Ray had decided he had never been lucky, so stayed at home to listen to a prize fight. It was necessary to draw another name which was that of Julius…Mrs. Mavis Wold has gone to Hot Springs, SD, to spend Christmas with her husband who is a patient there in the sanitorium…Bill Baumer drove to Watertown Saturday to meet his sister, who arrived there by plane from California to spend the holidays here…Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bauman came up from Fairmount to spend the weekend with relatives at Rutland…Art Corpe was a Rutland visitor on Saturday and informs us that his son, Charles, who has operated his farm the past year, will leave for Maple Plain, Minnesota, where he will take a course in some profession available to disabled veterans….Mr. and Mrs. Lars Sjothun were agreeably surprised on Sunday evening when their neighbors arrived to help Mrs. Sjothun celebrate her birthday. Present were Ole Jacobson and family, Boyd Jacobson and family, Lowell Sjothun and family, Ed Evenson and wife, Nels and Albert Jacobson, John Gulleson, Hubert and Raymond Erickson and families, Albert and Mrs. Giske, Bennie Giske, Mr. and Mrs. Art Nelson and Mrs. H. Sjothun…The first half of the bowling season is over and the new year will start with the following lineup. The top team at this time need not necessarily be the winner and the 30 day forecast is predicting several changes. Tony Hansons: Won 15, Lost 9; Rutland Township: Won 15, Lost 9; Flying Red Horse: Won 14, Lost 10; Lee Bros: Won 12, Lost 12; Alleys: Won 12, Lost 12; Co-ops: Won 11, Lost 13; Dosier’s: Won 9, Lost 15; Hot Rods: Won 8, Lost 16. 

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