Pageant Queen

Rutland Pageant ContestantsFriday, March 14, about 200 individuals gathered in the Rutland City Hall for the Community Club annual dinner and program. This year’s event was the Mr. Rutland Pageant 2008. Nine local beauties vied for the coveted crown: Tammy Whynott, Patti Link, Sandy Aggregate, Purrza Wildcat, Barbie Bootcamp, Helga Haybuster, Raquel Wrench, Sally Skrooz, and Amelia Hothams. The contestents wowed the audience with their beauty and poise and impressed us during the talent show with song, poetry and fashion sense. The show, complete with a mezmerizing swimsuit competition, included a well-choreographed chorus routine performed while the entire audience placed their votes for the winner. The 1980 First Runner Up, Ima Hogg, took her last walk on the runway before passing the crown to Barbie Bootcamp. DVDs of the pageant will be available for sale soon (check the Rutland ND website for details on sale items).

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