Noon Whistle

Remember the 9 p.m. whistle in Rutland that meant it was time for the kids to get their butts home for the evening?! Times have changed and that late night whistle will cease to sound in Rutland. However, the noon and 6 p.m. whistle will continue to sound for those that need to remember when it is time to get some food.

If you miss hearing that whistle, you can listen to it on YouTube any time of the day (or night)! It is the same sound you can hear in Rutland daily.

The Cracking Time

Here’s some verse composed by Richard Bradbury, also known as R. Harrington Bradbury III, Millionaire, that commemorates the crack that developed in the big round table in the General Store last Tuesday, April 27.  For the full story read The Rooster Crows on the Rutland website.

The Cracking Time

A bunch of the boys were drinking it up at the Rutland General Store.
The java poured hot. Cake there was not, but cookies sustained the crew.
Coffee talk flew,  topics were few, but ideas were rife as the brew.
The table held ten, expanded and grew,  until there were a lot more.
The round thing was new, but was broken in, having hosted a dinner,
or two. It had set by the door a fortnight, or more, the topic of many a quip.
It’s yellow wood glew (glowed?) and it shined as with dew.
And it was the pride of the town.

But a fateful day fell and the thing raised all Hell,
When it let out a terrible smack.
Silence fell swift. All talk went adrift.
Wonderment struck with a whack.
The assembly was dumb, ’til fair Gretchen clumb
on the near side to survey the wreck.
Tight wood pores cried, “Jeez. Get off of me, please.”
And let go another loud whack.

The crack had traversed, then hit hard reverse,
Leaving a gap of a quarter of an inch.
So when you read this and wonder
Why the table went asunder in the year of twenty and ten,
You’ll know it’s not caused by  the wit, nor the paws, of the assemblage of Rutland’s Wise Men.

The Rooster Crows No More

Bill Anderson’s pen has dried up. “The Rooster Crows” column ceased as of April 25, 2008. After more than 11 years, Bill retired from writing his weekly column which covered a lot of Rutland news as well as providing a spin on politics. Anderson began writing the column in 1988 and 1989. He resumed it again in April 1997. The column, featured in The Sargent County Teller, was something I looked forward to reading weekly. Lately I had been checking out “The Rooster Crows” directly online. Jeanne Leinen has gratiously taken the helm to get the Rutland news in The Teller (and also will be contributing to this blog soon).  Now we’re just hoping that Bill will take us up on contributing to this Rutland blog. How about it Bill?

Pageant Queen

Rutland Pageant ContestantsFriday, March 14, about 200 individuals gathered in the Rutland City Hall for the Community Club annual dinner and program. This year’s event was the Mr. Rutland Pageant 2008. Nine local beauties vied for the coveted crown: Tammy Whynott, Patti Link, Sandy Aggregate, Purrza Wildcat, Barbie Bootcamp, Helga Haybuster, Raquel Wrench, Sally Skrooz, and Amelia Hothams. The contestents wowed the audience with their beauty and poise and impressed us during the talent show with song, poetry and fashion sense. The show, complete with a mezmerizing swimsuit competition, included a well-choreographed chorus routine performed while the entire audience placed their votes for the winner. The 1980 First Runner Up, Ima Hogg, took her last walk on the runway before passing the crown to Barbie Bootcamp. DVDs of the pageant will be available for sale soon (check the Rutland ND website for details on sale items).