The Old Parsonage Newsletter – August 2015

The Old Parsonage at Rutland ND will be open Fri. 14, from 4-7, Sat. 15, from 10-4 and Sun 16, from 12-4.
We don’t care if it’s hot anymore as we have air conditioning at the Old Parsonage now.  It sure feels good this time of the year!   Mary Ann and I are busy changing things around again.  We sure like to do that!   It’s fun to have it different a few times a year so we know what we have.
My Grandma had a large loom that sat in an alcove on the south end of the house.  When she wove rugs she could see us outside in 3 directions.  Not that we got into anything!  The rail road was close to the house so she watched out for us. Once in awhile the conductor would throw us a candy bar.  We had to share it or Grandma would let us know about it! She taught me how to weave and that was great fun.  She did lots of rugs and sold a lot of them.  She never wasted any time.  She took care of the cows and chickens and did 3 meals and 2 lunches every day, but managed to quilt or sew whenever she could.
RICE MUSH by Mary Ann Thornberg
½ cup rice ½ tsp salt
1 cup water ½ cup sugar
3 cups milk
In heavy pan, cook rice and water until water is absorbed. Add milk, salt and sugar. Cook over low heat for about an hour. Stir occasionally.  Serve with milk and cinnamon.
Hope to see you the second weekend in August!  Or you can call me any time and I will open.   Kathy

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