Hens Do Crow! July 19, 2019

By Deborah Banish

Rutland is not a dying town but a town that tie-dyes as evidenced by over 80 people who attended the Rutland Community Club Groovy Art in the Park event on Thursday, July 11th. Rutland residents were joined by families from Havana, Forman, and other towns for a fun night. Kids and adults alike tie-dyed T-shirts, socks, and bags with many outstanding designs and lots of color. Even the adults got some color, especially Bryce Carlson who had some beautifully colored legs thanks to his playful kids. The grass in the Veteran’s Memorial Park provided some color and many a child had colorful feet before they left. The Community Club provided refreshments and beautiful t-shirt cookies and multicolored cupcakes. Thanks to the Community Club and to everyone who attended to make this a successful event. Photos of the event and some of the completed items can be viewed on the Rutland Facebook page and the blog.

The Rutland City Council reconvened on July 11 to award the bid for the Emergency Lagoon Repair 2019 Project. Two firms bid on the project and City Engineer Tracy Eslinger, from Moore Engineering, summarized the bids for the Council. The Council voted to award the contract to D.L. Barkie Construction of West Fargo for a Total Base Bid of $174,599 plus Alternate 1 (Crossover Pipe and Gate Valve Bid) of $22,488 for a total project estimated cost of $197,087.00. Acceptance of the bid is contingent upon approval of the Clean Water State Revolving Fund and Community Development Block Grant for the additional funds to cover the increased costs. The City Council will hold its next meeting on Monday, August 5 when the 2020 preliminary budget will be approved, as required by State Law; the final budget is required to be adopted after a public hearing no later than October 10.

Bill Anderson returned home to Rutland on Friday, July 12, at the conclusion of a six-day trip to the Hudson River Valley, near the town of Bear Mountain, in New York State. The purpose of Bill’s trip was to attend the annual reunion of veterans of Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, who served together in Vietnam during 1969 & 1970. Fifty years ago, the unit primarily operated in and around the AnHoa Basin of Quang Nam Province in I Corps, the northernmost military district in South Vietnam. Some of the Marines’ nicknames for areas within or adjacent to AnHoa Basin included: Antenna Valley, Football Island, the Hot Dog, Arizona Territory, Dodge City, and Charley Ridge, among others. Delta Company was also frequently thrust into other areas in I Corps when needed, most notably into the Battle for Hue City during the infamous Tet Offensive of 1968, which was a military defeat for the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces in South Vietnam, but a propaganda victory for them in the United States. Bill reports that approximately 350 Marines served in Delta Company for varying lengths of time during 1969-70. Some died in Vietnam, some were casualties of the aftermath of the war, some have passed away of other causes during the past half century, and some are not willing, or able, to reopen memories of a dark and bloody chapter in the past, but 38 of Delta Company’s survivors were on hand at Bear Mountain Lodge for the 2019 reunion. The States of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, California, Washington, South Dakota and North Dakota were represented. The Marines present renewed old friendships, reminisced about shared experiences, and toured through an area that is rich with America’s Revolutionary War history. On Tuesday, July 9, most of the group toured West Point, the site since 1802 of the United States Military Academy, and the American base that the traitor Benedict Arnold tried to sell to the British in 1780. West Point was built in 1778 and is America’s oldest continuously garrisoned military base. At the end of the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress reduced the size of the U.S. Army to 80 soldiers, with 50 stationed at West Point and 30 at Fort Pitt, where the City of Pittsburgh PA is now situated. On Wednesday, the group toured around New York City, including a ferry boat ride around the State of Liberty and Ellis Island, as well as a visit to the World Trade Center Memorial site. New York City is a beehive of activity, with everyone in a hurry, reports Bill, but, for the most part, the people there were very friendly and helpful. Leaving Rutland early on the morning of Sunday, July 7, Bill took Delta Airlines from Fargo through Minneapolis-St. Paul and into JFK Airport, and states that the airline personnel at every stage of the trip were quick to help whenever needed. He was particularly gratified to meet up with Paul “Doc Buzz” Baviello, the Navy Medical Corpsman who served with Bill’s platoon in Vietnam. After leaving the military, Buzz became a high school history teacher and football coach, vocations which he still pursues. Also attending the reunion was one Marine, John Cronin of Long Island NY, whose life would have ended on the battlefield in the Arizona Territory on February 21, 1970, had it not been for Doc Buzz’s quick response to clamp a severed femoral artery, and for the expertise of 2nd Platoon’s radioman, LCpl Ron McWhite, who called in the medivac chopper, as well as the emergency assistance of PFC Glen Nelson, who tore up his uniform to make tourniquets and bandages to staunch the flow of blood from John’s wounds. All involved performed their duties while coping with some of the worst possible conditions. Fifty years later, John says that the only part of the help he got on the field that he’s not too sure about is the fact that Glen used his Marine Corps skivvies to plug up some of the holes. There will be another reunion in 2020, but the date and location have not yet been selected. The motto of this group of veterans is “Never a day goes by…,” meaning that every day they are reminded of the bonds of brotherhood, forged in the white-hot heat of combat, that link them all together. This year they were also reminded of a quote from American Civil War veteran and former Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., in which he wrote, “We have shared the incommunicable experience of war…In our youth, our hearts were touched by fire.” Never a day goes by…, says Bill. Semper Fidelis, Marines!

The Sargent Central Ambassadors reported from Switzerland this week to report that a fun time was spent in London, England and their first concert was performed without a hitch at Windsor Castle with approval of the Queen. The group then travelled to Paris and performed at Fontainebleau after touring the area. On Tuesday, July 16, they arrived in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, where they stayed for three-nights and presented their concert as the sun went down behind the Alps on Wednesday evening. A tour of Zermatt and the Matterhorn completed the time in Switzerland. Friday, July 19th, the group ventured to Seefeld, Austria for two days before they move on to Venice, Italy. They will complete their concert tour next week.

The Sargent County Farmers Union is hosting a free EPIC event open to all youth grades 2-12 on Thursday, August 8, at the Coteau des Prairies Lodge, southeast of Rutland, starting at 2:30 p.m. Kids yoga is offered for grades 2-6 and Farm Canvas Painting for grades 7-12 along with a farm to table education component for all attendees. There will be a family picnic at 5 p.m. sponsored by Full Circle Ag of Gwinner. Contact Kyla Temple, call or text, by July 27th at 701-269-2158 so that every participant will have supplies ordered on time to join the fun!

Junk Fest vendors are still wanted for the Rutland Junk Fest and RibFest event on Saturday, August 3. Rib vendors should contact the Lariat Bar and Grill to sign up at (701) 724-3610. Junk Fest vendors and Farmers Market vendors can contact the City of Rutland at 701-724-3081 or by email at rutlandnd@drtel.net. The signup forms and information can also be located on the City website at https://www.rutlandnd.com/attractions. Be sure to mark your calendars and get to Rutland for fun and food. Food vendors are also welcome for the event, especially in the morning during JunkFest. That’s it for news from Rutland for this week. If you have any events or news you wish to share on the Rutland website, please send the information to the City of Rutland at rutlandnd@drtel.net.

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