The Rooster Crows – April 30, 2021

By Bill Anderson

There was a smile under that mask! On Tuesday, April 27, the CDC revised its covid-19 pandemic facemask guidelines, no longer recommending that facemasks be worn while outside. In response, Mother Nature removed her mask, revealing bright Sun, blue skies, and a generally beautiful day. She has promised more to come, at least through the weekend, too. Facemasks are still recommended while indoors with unvaccinated people, but Mother Nature spends most of her time outdoors, anyway. The more people get vaccinated, the quicker we can get rid of the facemasks altogether. Oh, happy day! 

Prior to revealing the bright, sunny side of her personality, Mother Nature bestowed approximately ½” of rain on Rutland and vicinity on Sunday night and Monday morning, April 25 & 26. Roger Pearson’s rain gauge registered just over .4 of an inch, and Norbert Kulzer’s gauge wasn’t quite up to the spot, just above the ½” mark, where it would start leaking out, so we’ll say “thanks for that.” Jim Lyon of Geneseo was in Rutland on Monday morning, April 26, and reported that moisture was good in that area of Sargent County. All he was waiting for was for the soil to get warm enough to germinate the seed, and for the sun to shine enough to let it grow.

The Rutland Senior Citizens Club thanked patrons of the Monday, Wednesday & Saturday morning coffee sessions at the Seniors Center for their generous free will donations with dinner at the dining room of The Lariat Bar on the evening of Wednesday, April 28. Twenty-nine coffee session patrons attended the event, including: Chuck & Mary Beth Anderson; Mark & Kathy Wyum; Norbert & Beverly Kulzer; Janny Kiefer; Delores Lysne; Rick Banish; Mike & Debbie Banish; Janice Christensen; Dianna Anderson; Yvonne Johnson; Joanne Harris; Steve & Sheila Wyum; Rick Bosse; Roger McLaen; Duane & Sharon Lock; Kurt Breker & Laura Mahrer; Bill Anderson; Roger Pearson; Joel Susag; Doug & Cher Spieker; and Hal Nelson. Guests ordered from the menu and report a very enjoyable evening with great cuisine, fine beverages, and outstanding company.

Some of Rutland’s stalwarts have been in the hospital during the past week. Calvin Jacobson was taken to a Fargo hospital following a fall from a ladder on Friday, April 23 that resulted in a fractured hip bone. No surgery was required to repair the break, and Cal was released from the Hospital on Tuesday, April 27. He is planning to take it easy for a few days before going back to work. 

Bill Hoflen was taken to a Fargo hospital last week after being severely ill for several days. He was diagnosed with high blood sugar and was released from the hospital after the condition was corrected.

Orvis Pearson of this community, now a resident of Four Seasons Villas in Forman, was taken to a Fargo Hospital on Saturday, April 24, after suffering what was thought to be a slight stroke. Orvis, who will be 96 next month, is reported to be recuperating rapidly, and is expected to be home by the end of this week.

Norman Preble was released from the Veterans Administration Hospital in Fargo last Thursday, April 22, after receiving treatment for a circulatory condition that was affecting his legs. Fortunately for Norman, he doesn’t deal pinochle with his toes.

Dale McLaen, who has been in the Twin Cities for the past few weeks, receiving treatment and therapy following surgery, was back in Rutland this week, taking care of business and visiting friends & family. He is planning to head back to the Cities at week’s end.

The many friends of the “Fearless Five” in Rutland wish them all a speedy recovery and return to normal activities.

Flags snapped in the breeze as a light mist dampened mourners and the American Legion Ceremonial Detail at the graveside service for Urban Hoistad at the Nordland Cemetery south east of Rutland on the morning of Monday, April 26. Urban was an Army veteran of the Korean War era, and, as family and friends gathered beneath the canvas shelter next to the grave, the cool breeze and light mist provided an air of somber solemnity to the ceremony. Pastor Julie Johnson of the Trinity-Nordland-Trinity (TNT) Lutheran Parish of Havana, Rutland & Forman conducted the brief service, with Price Funeral Chapel of Forman & Britton assisting. Most of the members of the Ceremonial Detail were members of Bergman-Evenson Post #215 of Rutland, including: Andy Hoflen; Doug Olstad; Roger McLaen; Roger Pearson; Bill Anderson; and, Larry Christensen. Also joining the Detail to honor their friend and comrade were Wallace Herman and Roger Lunde, members of the Havana and Forman American Legion Posts, respectively. Urban and his wife, Lois, were lifelong members of the Rutland and Havana communities until they moved to Forman after their sons took over the farming operations. They were active members of Nordland Lutheran Church in Rutland. Lois still resides in Forman. Their many friends in the Rutland community extend their condolences and sympathy to the family of Urban Hoistad on the passing of their family’s patriarch. Urban had passed away at the end of December, 2020, at the age of 93, but the interment was delayed until this past Monday due to winter conditions and covid-19 restrictions.

The Rutland Seniors Center received some new vinyl flooring on Friday, April 23. The new flooring, a commercial grade with a wood plank pattern, was obtained from, and installed by, Total Home of Oakes. The area covered by the new flooring includes that part of the floor in the northerly portion of the building, where the bowling lanes used to be; both restrooms; and, the kitchen. The Seniors Center has been undergoing an upgrade over the past few months that includes new window treatments; new interior paint; and, new flooring, making a nice facility even nicer. The Rutland Seniors Center is situated in the building that was originally built by Wilbur & Elsie Jacobson as Rutland Recreation back in 1947. At that time, the building contained 2 ABC sanctioned bowling lanes, 2 full sized pool tables, several card tables, and a candy/lunch counter. The Jacobsons sold the facility to Robert Barger in the early 1970’s, and the Rutland Senior Citizens acquired it in 1979. Edwin Erickson, also known as “Uncle Ed,” purchased the hardwood bowling lanes from the Senior Citizens for use as flooring in a grain trailer. The pool tables were also sold, and one of them is still in the community, at the home of Kenny & Tanya Hamilton. Congratulations to the Rutland Seniors Center on the recent improvements to this much used facility in the community.

Paul Anderson reports that, as he was cleaning the Winter’s accumulation of leaves, sticks and other items from around the air-conditioner compressor at the rear of his house at 309 Gay Street, on the morning of Tuesday, April 27, he felt movement beneath his hand. As he drew back to see what kind of wild beast was threatening him, he was surprised by a small cottontail rabbit and several of its siblings emerging from the nest which he had disturbed. The little bunnies made a daring daylight escape across the yard to find refuge in another pile of leaves & sticks. Mother Cottontail was not around, possibly out shopping. The little bunnies are cute, until they start eating the petunias.

Some upcoming events in Rutland include: the regular monthly meeting of the Rutland City Council at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, May 3, in the Rutland Town Hall; and, the monthly meeting of the Rutland Community Club on Monday, May 10, at the Rutland Town Hall.

Meanwhile, on the national scene, the Biden Administration has proposed some multi-trillion-dollar programs to address issues facing the nation, along with proposals on raising the money to pay for them. The President was scheduled to address these proposals in his speech to a joint session of the Congress on Wednesday, April 28. The loyal opposition is all for the spending, but not for the paying, at least not yet. Americans have a couple of questions to address. Do we do the things that we all know need to be done; or do we just sit back and let the conditions that concern us most continue to deteriorate? If we decide that we must do those things, do we adopt a policy and a plan to pay for them; or do we adopt the GOP policy of the past 2 decades of borrowing more money and increasing the national debt? Both options for either question are feasible. One of them is viable. The entire program deserves serious discussion and debate. We know that the “NO!” caucus in the Congress will give it neither, so, if the country is to move forward, it will be up to Americans from all points on the political spectrum to contribute their thoughts and reasoned opinions. It will also be necessary for Americans from all points on the political spectrum to be prepared to winnow out the deceptions, disinformation, misinformation and outright lies from the avalanche of statements, claims and assertions that will be coming their way. It’s a messy process, but it’s the one we were bequeathed by the Founding Fathers more than two centuries ago. It’s up to us to make it work. Like making sausage, it looks pretty bad while in process, but, if done right, the end result is pretty darned good.

Well, that’s the news from Rutland for this week. For additional information about what’s going on in the little city that can, check out the community’s internet web site at, and take a look at the Rutland Facebook page while you’re at it, too. Remember to patronize your local Post Office, and don’t forget to keep the pressure on the U. S. Postal Service and the North Dakota Congressional delegation to SAVE OUR POST OFFICE! Later.

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