The Rooster Crows – June 17, 2022

By Bill Anderon

Despite the wet Spring that had delayed field work until the end of May, this community was pleased to get the rain that fell on Friday night, June 10. As soon as it doesn’t rain for a few days, a true North Dakotan starts to worry that it will never rain again, or, that when it does rain it will be too much, too little or in the wrong place. It can’t be helped. It’s in the blood. Roger Pearson reported .3 of an inch in his rain gauge on Saturday morning, while his next-door neighbor, Norbert Kulzer, had .4 of an inch in his gauge a few feet away. Norbert’s reading was matched by the .4 in Lary Arneson’s gauge, 2 blocks to the west. Chuck Anderson reported .37 of an inch at his Weber Township farm6 miles southwest of town; Harvey Bergstrom reported .31 of an inch in the gauge at his farm 3 miles south of Cayuga; and, Kurt Breker had .3 of an inch in his gauge 1 mile south of Cayuga. Another .1 or .2 of an inch was scattered across the countryside on Sunday & Monday, helping to keep lawn mowers and mosquito swatters busy. Well, the old timers used to say that it always dries up after a wet spell. We’ll just have to find out if they knew what they were talking about.

The Annual Rutland Community Block Party opened up at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 8, with more than 100 community residents and over 3,000 water balloons on hand for the festivities. The Rutland Volunteer Fireman manned the grills, turning out burgers, bratwursts, and hot dogs for participants, and also provided water game facilities for the community’s youth. During the Block Party, Miss Abbie Erickson, daughter of Rodney & Andrea Erickson, and a Senior at Sargent Central High School, was crowned “Miss Rutland 2022; and, Corbin Carlson, son of Bryce & Casee (Hawkinson) Carlson, and Lilith Pavek, daughter of Corey & Sarah (McLaen) Pavek, were awarded the titles of Mr. & Miss Lefse for the coming year. All 3 of Rutland’s reigning royals will be in the 2022 Uff-Da Day Parade on Sunday, October 2, 2022. The Rutland Community Block Party is held each year to give the community’s present, former and future residents an opportunity to get acquainted and re-acquainted, to talk over old times and to make plans for future good times. Thanks to Rutland Community Club President Katie McLaen for the information in this report.

Katie McLaen also reports that the Rutland Community Club met at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, June 13, at the Rutland Town Hall. The meeting was short. It was reported that the stage curtains in the Town Hall had been repaired and cleaned; and, that lefse production for Uff-Da Day 2022 will commence with a morning and an evening session on Thursday, June 16. Check the community’s internet web site at and the Rutland Facebook page for more information about the dates and times for future sessions. Fourteen sessions have been scheduled between mid-June and mid-August, so far.

The Knife River Construction Co. of St. Cloud MN began grinding up existing pavement on County #10, from ND Highway #11 through Rutland to County Road #3, and then east to the east end of the cemetery and west to the Drain #8 crossing, on Thursday, June 9. Several crew members have their travel trailers parked in the Rutland RV Park. Knife River has ground up the existing paving, last upgraded in 2005, and will be replacing it with a new 2” asphalt paving overlay. The paving machine was laying down asphalt on the southbound lane of County #10 on the morning of Wednesday, June 15. This is a project that has been on the County’s agenda for several years, but it took funding from Sargent County’s Federal Aid Road Fund and the Biden Administration’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) a portion of it from the State’s distribution of ARPA money as a result of HB 1505, and the remainder a direct application of Federal ARPA money to Sargent County from the Federal government. According to the Sargent County Auditor’s Office, the contract price of the project will be $538,513.00, after it has been completed by the contractor and the work has been approved by Sargent County and the ND DOT. Thanks to the Sargent County Commission for having the foresight to plan ahead, and the determination to get the job done. Sometimes we have to be patient, but good things eventually do come to those who wait.

Dick Meyers was the last of Rutland’s snowbirds to arrive back at his summer range when he pulled in on Thursday, June 9 from his winter perch at Sun City AZ. Dick is once again in his summer digs at “The bunkhouse” on Main Street. He plans to get back into the Southeast North Dakota Seniors Golf Tour as soon as possible. His many friends here are happy to have him back among the home folks. Dick is a member of RHS Class of ’50, and a veteran of the Korean War. His late wife, Donna (Lock) Meyers, was also a native of this community and a member of the RHS Class of ‘50.

Rutland’s Bergman-Evenson Post #215 of The American Legion conducted a Flag Retirement Ceremony for worn out, soiled and damaged American Flags at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 9, at Lou Sanderson Field. Post Commander Larry Christensen; Post Chaplain Ted Lee; Acting Post Sergeant At Arms Tom Manley; Roger Pearson; Doug Olstad; Andy Harris; and, Bill Anderson; were on hand for the ceremony. Some of the Flags were from the Rutland community, but many of them had come from other communities in Sargent County to be respectfully retired from service and properly destroyed in accordance with appropriate rules and regulations. The Rutland Post has conducted a Flag Retirement Ceremony every year since the late 1990’s.

Jim Huckell caught a 22” walleye and a 28” northern while fishing in the company of his son, Bill, and grandson, Jared, at one of the large sloughs, now lakes, south of Lidgerwood on Thursday, June 9. One of Jim’s fish had also been fishing, as the northern pike was found to have a 10” walleye in its gut.

Birthday cake was served to the morning coffee crowd at the Rutland Seniors’ center on the morning of Monday, June 13, in honor of the birthdays of Mary Ann (Mrs. James) Levery and Mary Beth (Mrs. Charles) Anderson. Those honored are old enough to eat cake at the Seniors’ Center, and young enough to enjoy it.

The Rutland Roosters Men’s Slowpitch Softball team got its feathers trimmed at Lou Sanderson Field on the evening of Tuesday, June 14, by a youthful, hard-hitting team from Oakes. The Oakes boys walked away with game #1 by a score of 20 to 2 and put away game #2 by a score of 15 to 5. The Rutland Park Board’s Concession Stand with the lineup of Larry Christensen, Hal Nelson, Andrea Erickson and Head Chef Mac Pherson at the helm kept the Roosters’ tail feathers from drooping too low, though. Their German style hot dogs were a hit every time. Next week, the Roosters will turn their luck around when they meet the Lisbon team at Lisbon on Tuesday, June 21. The Roosters’ next home game, a contest with the rough & ready Cowboys of McLeod, is scheduled for 6:45 p.m. on Tuesday, June 28, at Lou Sanderson Field. According to Park Board member Hal Nelson, the Cayuga-Cogswell-Forman-Havana-Rutland girls’ Pony League baseball Team is scheduled to meet the team from Lidgerwood at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 23, at Lou Sanderson Field. 

Mary Engst of rural Delamere, reporter and feature article writer for The Sargent County Teller, was at Lou Sanderson Field in Rutland during the Roosters v. Oakes softball game on Tuesday, June 14. Ms. Engst was gathering current information and background material for an article about The Rutland Roosters, both the current men’s slowpitch softball team, and its predecessor, the fabled Rutland Roosters of post WWII baseball fame. Ms. Engst was fortunate to have been able to interview Dick Meyers, who had been a utility infielder/ outfielder with the Roosters back in the late 40’s. Dick’s list of teammates reads like a Hall of Fame register: Sundlie; Shasky; Hart; Lankey; Nelson; Pearson; Syverson; Bohn; Silseth; Thuringer; and many others. Ms. Engst also interviewed many of the Roosters’ current players who are keeping the Roosters’ legend alive into the 21st Century. Be on the lookout for her article in an upcoming issue of The Sargent County Teller.

Preliminary Primary Election results on Tuesday, June 14, indicate that incumbent Sheriff Travis Paeper had a comfortable lead over the challenger, Holly Ponzer; Lyle Bopp; Scott Johnson & Jerry Waswick are the front runners for the 3 positions on the County Commission that will be filled at the November General Election; that the 15 mill tax levy for the County Road Fund received the overwhelming approval of the County’s voters; and, that incumbent District #28 State Sen. Robert Erbele has held off a challenge from former District #26 State Representative Ertelt for the GOP nomination for another term in the State Senate.

Meanwhile, on the national scene, inflation is up, the stock market is down, and the weather is uncertain. The world is coming to an end, right? Nope. The current annual rate of inflation, at 8.6% the highest since 1982, is modest when compared to inflation rates from the 1970’s. In 1974, the year that President Nixon (You remember him. He’s the guy who said that he was not a crook.) resigned after his criminal involvement in the Watergate scandal was revealed, the rate of inflation was a booming 11.4% and unemployment was over 6%. During the Carter Administration the inflation rate was over 13% in ’78 and over 12% in ’79. Paul Volker was appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board by Carter and was charged with getting inflation under control. He did the job by jacking up interest rates to sweat inflation out of the economy. Rates for mortgage loans rose into the upper teens, and some consumer loan rates were over 20%. Right now, aggressive action is already being taken to rein in inflation. Policy makers have apparently learned something from their past errors of commission and omission. As for the stock market, although there is a wishful belief among some that its ups and downs are governed by rational principles, the unpleasant truth is that there are 2 forces that govern the actions of the stock market, greed and fear. Greed is what makes investors hang on to stocks when they should sell, and fear is what motivates investors to sell stocks when they should hang on. There are some rational investors who make a plan and stick to it, but they are usually few, far between and astronomically wealthy. Right now, fear is what is driving the stock market. At some point in the future irrational fear will once again be replaced by irrational confidence, and the market will go up again. As a wise student of history once observed, “History may not exactly repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” As for the weather…well, as the old timers used to say, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.

Historical note: Friday, June 17, is the 50th anniversary of the Watergate break-in, the “third rate burglary” of the Democratic National committee’s headquarters in Washington DC’s Watergate Complex, that resulted in the fall from power of President Richard Nixon. It wasn’t the burglary, but the criminal acts the President committed in the conspiracy to cover it up that brought about his downfall. Back in 1974, Americans were shocked that their President would engage in such nefarious conduct. We have come a long way since then, though. In 2016 we sent Donald Trump to the White House, knowing up front that he was a liar and a crook. That was our fault, not his.

Well, that’s the news from Rutland for this week. For additional information about what’s going on in the little city that can, check out the community’s internet web site at and take a look at the Rutland Facebook page while you’re at it, too. Don’t forget to patronize your local Post Office and remember to keep the pressure on the U.S. Postal Service and the North Dakota Congressional delegation to SAVE OUR POST OFFICE! Later

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