Party Hardy!

Rutland residents and friends will be partying long tonight to send off the Lariat Bar.  A new bar will be built over the summer with the goal to complete construction by fall.  The Lariat will provide ‘temporary’ service this summer at the American Legion building.  The Rutland Fitness Center has relocated most of its equipment to the Fire Hall so that residents can continue their fitness routines during the summer construction.   The Legion Hall needs some preconstruction to get ready for the bar to open and provide food and beverages to its clientele this summer.  Stay tuned here or on the Lariat website for updates and future photos of the progress this summer.

Rutland Fitness Center a Huge Success!

The Rutland Fitness Center has now officially been open for over a year — and it has shown!  Several community members have shed pounds and “buffed up” and some of the equipment has worn out.  The two new treadmills are fully paid for and a new ‘industrial style’ elliptical machine may be coming in the future.  In addition, there have been aerobics classes available two times a week and yoga classes are held once every two weeks.  If there is sufficient interest, the classes may be expanded and offered at other times and days.  (Check the Rutland ND website for the class calendar).

The Rutland Fitness Center occupies the American Legion building and there is an agreement to continue to utilize the facility. The Center pays an annual fee for the building use and to help with some improvements.  Shingles were replaced last year with the Center obtaining a small grant and contributing $500 to help with some expenses incurred with that project.

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Flags Retired With Honor

The Bergman/Evenson Post 215 held the Flag Retirement Ceremony on Veteran’s Day afternoon behind the Legion Hall in Rutland.  Approximately 50 faded, tattered flags that have flown over the graves of veterans, or flown by homeowners or businesses were retired with dignity and honor.  A prayer was given by Post Chaplain Milton McLaen, and Post Commander Larry Christensen presided over the retirement ceremony as each flag was placed on a fire in accordance with proper flag disposal.  I was moved as I watched each flag being consumed by the flames, and as I remembered all the men and women who have so courageously served under our nation’s flag.

After the ceremony, the veterans were served a soup and sandwich supper by the Legion Auxiliary.  The Nordland Lutheran Church parish hall was festively decorated with lace-draped tables, flags and thank you cards for our veterans and their guests.  Six kinds of soup, three kinds of sandwiches and a variety of bars ensured that no one left hungry.  Sonja Christensen, Auxiliary President, gave a reading on the birth of the Pledge of Allegiance in 1892 and the changes that have been made to it through the years.  I don’t know that I had ever given much thought as to how the Pledge of Allegiance came to be.  Sonja did a good job of enlightening us all.

Earlier Tuesday morning my husband had participated in a county-wide Veterans Day Program in Forman with two other members of the Rutland Post.  The Auxiliary in Forman served them a nice lunch of hot chile.

That evening, my husband and I agreed that it had been a good day.  We had spent Veteran’s Day remembering veterans and what they have sacrificed for our country.  That’s what the day is all about. [Carolyn Christensen]

Rutland Remembers Its Veterans

By Carolyn Christensen

Memorial Day was cold and blustery, but that didn’t prevent the Bergman-Evenson Post 215 and it Legion Auxiliary from marching at the Nordland Lutheran Cemetery and the Rutland Cemetery to honor our veterans and auxiliary members laid at rest there.  Everyone was shivering and teeth were chattering and it was miserable being out in such weather, but it was only for about 15 minutes in each cemetery.  I couldn’t help but think of the conditions our veterans endured and still endure.  Whether it’s freezing cold, horrendous heat, lack of food or sleeping fitfully in a foxhole, in a tree or the hard ground, the veterans have and continue to do whatever it is that needs to be done to help keep our country free.  So, a total half hour of discomfort is the least we can do to honor them.

The Memorial Day program at the town hall was very moving.  One of our World War II veterans, Milton McLaen, went on the WDAY Honor Flight and he and his daughter, Karen Hornseth, gave a power point presentation on his trip.  I can only imagine what it was like for him to be among so many men and women who had gone through similar situations as he did and to be able to see the memorial that was finally erected for them.

The Legion presented several service pins.  Earl (Bill) Anderson, Larry Christensen, Andy Hoflen, Calvin Jacobson, Ted Lee, and Roger Nelson received 35 year pins.  Forty year pins went to John Hoflen, Roger Pearson and Norman Preble.  Clayton McLaen received a 55 year pin and Donald Donaldson and Milton McLaen received 60 year pins.  Three members of the Legion Auxiliary received pins as well.  Bonnie Anderson received a 25 year pin while Helen Sapa and Gwen Young received 60 year pins.

As usual the Community Club served a delicious dinner following the program.  Many former residents come back to Rutland for Memorial Day and this is a wonderful time of visiting and reminiscing.