When I was younger, I remember going with my grandparents to many fall Catholic Church booya festivals where hundreds would attend.  Booya was made in several large pots – generally about 50 gallons each  – and there would be beef, chicken and pork cooked in the broth.  Vegetables were added, usually carrots, potatoes, and celery along with a variety of seasonings.  Generally booya takes several days to prepare to get it ‘just right’ before the soup (or stew) was served in bowls.  Those were always fun festivals and Church fundraisers.  Of course, they always included games for the kids and adults too which made it all the merrier.

Seafood BoilThe Coteau des Prairies Lodge is hosting a Seafood Boil on Sunday which sounds a lot like an old fashioned booya but they have an added twist (and no bowls!).  The Seafood boil starts with cooking the vegetables and then adding sausage and seafood (and maybe other meat) to the kettle.  When the meal is ready, they simply dump it down the middle of the table and voila’ it becomes finger food!  Sounds like a great time and fun for everyone.

More information can be found at The Lodge website.  Hurry because there is only a limited amount of space available for the Seafood Boil.

Tractor Drive

Tractor Drive 2013  The Sargent County Relay for Life (RFL) planning is well underway with the main event in June (in Gwinner).   In 2012, two teams hosted a Tractor Drive with 55 entries.  Jim’s Journey is hosting the event this year on Saturday, June 8, and they hope to have even more participants.  The drive starts – and ends – in Rutland so be sure to get your registration mailed in for an eventful day. All proceeds go directly to RFL.  If you don’t have a tractor to enter, come to town and spend the day with us.

Youth Day

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On Sunday, the Rutland Sportsman’s Club held its annual Youth Day at the John Narum Rifle Range by Silver Lake.  Over 200 area youth and their families attended the event to take part in activities – shooting bow, BB guns and .22 at various stations and also line casting.  As usual, it was a perfect Sunday for the kids.  Hot dogs, popcorn, pop and grilled corn on the cob kept everyone fed.  The highlight of the day (beside all the prizes awarded to about 40 kids), was the exhibition shooting by Tom Knapp – “The Shooting Star.”  Kids and experienced hunters alike were wowed by the trick shots and amazed at his shooting skills.  He started by throwing and shooting apples, oranges and potatoes in the air.  Then he moved to briquettes and even a one-inch square billiard chalk cube.  There was, of course, the sales pitch for Americase and Federal Premium ammunition and also comments about safety, responsibility and good sportsmanship during the presentation. Knapp finished the program with a salute to the military with the red, white and blue and the big finale.  It was another fantastic day near Rutland.

Fishy Fishy

Rutland Sportsman Club Fry

Last Friday I attended my first Rutland Sportman Club Fish Fry.  This was the 26th fish fry for the Club, held annually the first Friday in March. The Club members spent three days at the Hall setting up and preparing the feast.  They sold nearly all 550 tickets for the event so the town was a busy place that Friday.   I enjoyed the meal which consisted of deep fried or pan fried Northern (OK, I took both), baked potato, coleslaw  and beverages.  It was an all-you-can-eat event.  Club members came around with fish for seconds and, while a few people grabbed more, one trip through the line was about all I could handle. Besides, I needed to save room for that after-dinner drink at The Lariat. Lots of folks flowed over to the Lariat for a bit more socializing and imbibing throughout the evening.

The next big feed in Rutland will be the annual Palm Sunday Dinner hosted by Nordland Lutheran Church (but don’t forget about the play on March 16th!).

Santa Claus Day

Congratulations to the Rutland Community Club which sponsored another successful Santa Day on Saturday.  The sun was shining brightly on the town.  The kids headed to the Bank Building for some holiday cartoons while the adults stopped in at the Rutland Senior Center.  At the Center, the Rutland Raiders 4-H group held a bake sale and the Seniors sponsored a BBQ lunch. Bingo games were called by Paul Anderson, RCC President, with the  prize of $5 in Rutland Bucks for each winner.

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Santa Claus stopped in the Hall and the kids were ecstatic to see him.  A few took the opportunity to have a friendly chat and get in their Christmas wish list while Santa was in town.

Following Santa’s visit, the annual turkey raffle was held and thirty-eight turkeys were awarded to lucky registrants. The turkeys were donated by Rutland residents and area businesses.  (For a full list of winners and the donors, check out The Rooster Crows of December 16).

Honoring Local Veterans

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On Friday, November 11, the American Legion Auxiliary held its annual soup and supper meal for the Rutland area Veterans and their spouses.   Auxiliary members provided a fine selection of soups, sandwiches and desserts.  Following the meal the Auxiliary provided a short program including readings, stories and information of the Pocket Flag program.  Following the meal and Auxiliary program, attending Veteran’s provided stories of humorous events during their boot camp or service years.